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!! NEW !! Forex Training Students

!! NEW !! Forex Training Students Now Get our FX Total View Trader's Cockpit for Joining!


This amazing tool gives you what we feel is a TOTAL VIEW of the entire currency market in under a 30 second glance.

  • Currencies Above/Below Yesterday's High or Low
  • Currencies Above/Below Last Week's High or Low
  • Currencies Above/Below Last Month's High or Low
  • Currencies Above/Below HOURLY chart's moving avg
  • Daily Trend - Which currencies are above 10, 20, 50, and 200 Day Moving Avg or Below them!
  • Total Strength Statistical Trend Tool for scalpers, intermediate term traders, and now long term traders
  • Currencies that meet NR4 and NR7 patterns which tend to lead to big trend days today
  • Counter Trend Traders Dream Come True - Which currencies have been up/down 3, 4, 5+ days in a row as they tend to reverse
Discover Trading Secrets from Forex Traders that Use Them

Let us Prove Our Forex Trading Systems BEFORE You Invest a Penny -- FREE Video Training Course!
Daily Mentoring and Training by our Professional Forex Traders, not trainers.

We are ALWAYS improving our software and that same commitment to excellence is applied to our training. Here;s what's New!

1) Daily Trading Zones - These high probability buy/sell areas are human derived each and every day by looking at multiple time frame charts and using longer term Fibonacci Retracements, Fibonacci Profit Targets, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Pivot Points, Daily Moving Averages (20, 50 and 200) and also each currencies Average True Range statistics.

We look for STRONG areas of support and resistance at or near each currencies average range. This takes us about an hour to do each night to prepare for the next day's trading. All YOU need to do is add a special indicator to the charts that we give our mentor students, the password will be provided upon joining!

Also Included Trading Zone Audio Alerts - Too busy to watch the Forex markets 24 hours a day? So are we! So we put in Audio, Email AND even Cell Phone Alerts. When the market hits our high probability buy/sell areas you will know and can then take a look to see if its a trade you wish to take.

The chart to the right is an example of what our Trading zones look like. These are actual levels we called out the day before for the GBP/USD. We believe this can help traders spot and locate areas where trends may not continue. We believe these levels make good areas to also do counter trend trades. Many of our traders tell us this is their favorite part of our mentoring!

2) Currency Overview Email - Every mentor student will be provided with our Daily Currency Trading Plan. In this nightly email we setup both what happened today and what we expect is most likely to happen tomorrow. You can see an example from our May 15, 2008 commentary to the right. We let you know IF price is Above a certain level BUY and if below a
level look for shorts. We also provide areas we feel will stall or possibly reverse the current
Our traders find this incredibly helpful as this gives them a ROADMAP in which to trade!

3) Intraday Currency Update! - We also email out every weekday morning what is going on in the currencies and price levels we are looking to buy or sell them and why! As you will see in the real example on the right, we also let you know what price has to be broken for the current trend to end. In the GBP/USD example on the right its clear you should look for shorts as long as price was below 1.9465. If that level gets broken then look for buys.

This information we've found is invaluable for NEW TRADERS who have no clue how the markets work but through reading our commentary and coming to our classes and watching our training videos over time will learn how to do this analysis for themselves. Our experienced traders also love our commentary as it gives them more confidence in their trades when our opinion matches their own!

Keep in mind most Commentary or Signal Services charge $100 to $500 per month for this information that we give all of our Mentor Students at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Forex Video Training Course

Forex Video Training Course

Previous 2 Months of Live Classes Archived Here  (Mentor Students Only)

Risk Disclaimer: Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market. No "safe" trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.

Beginning Forex Training Lessons for FOREX Traders (FREE)

               VIDEO                  DESCRIPTION

NEW: Audio / Email / Cell Phone Alerts!! This video will show you how to setup TopGun Software's audio alerts, configure them, move or remove them and also send them to your email and/or phone! We highly suggest traders set levels they wish to buy/sell using Fibonacci analysis and weekly/monthly pivot points and then wait for the levels to get hit. (Time: 4:55)

NEW: Containment Bands: This amazing new indicator shows you average and MAX volatility at different times of the day and on different time frame charts. The extreme red bands are usually the end to trends and make a great exit for trend trades and high probability counter trend area!    

NEW: FX Multimap: This lesson will show you how to turn around your Forex trading using our new revolutionary tool! This is a new indicator which shows you how strong or weak the market is and the probability of it going up or down AND how much more the trend is likel (Time: 4:33)

Position Sizer: We believe that this critical lesson will show you a secret to Forex Trading, i.e. how many lots do you trade and still maintain low risk per trade. Many new traders can easily have 2, 3 or even 5 losing trades in a row and this tool will help you increase (Time: 6:00)

Andrews Pitchfork: This lesson will show you how to use the brilliant Andrews Pitchfork to find low risk, high probability trend and counter trend trades! We discuss how to apply this drawing tool to your chart and the differences between the Standard Pitchfork  (Time: 5:56)

Lesson 1: Setting Up Charts: We recommend new traders load our Mult or 4star candles workspaces . It has all of our best tools, studies, and trading systems already setup for you. All you need to do is resize and move the charts to fit in your screen (all traders have different number of monitors and resolution).

This setup video will show you how to use our software from setting up your own charts, moving, resizing, using layers, adding/adjusting/removing studies, using quote sheets and our FX Currency Scanner and auto linking quote sheets to charts so you can always buy the strongest pairs and see the weakest to short! (Time: 25:46)

NEW TRADERS WATCH FIRST - Will Save You Time Getting Going!!

Lesson 2: Trade Analyzer: LeverageFX is happy to release a tool that will help you analyze your trades. Find out how you are doing and quickly spot weaknesses in your trading! You can NOT fix a problem until you identify exactly what you are doing wrong. This tool also lets you visually see all your win/loss statistics and plots your equity curve. (Time: 8:22)

Lesson 3: Trade Planner: Our tools were designed to help you develop your own trading style to reach your trading goals. This amazing new tool lets you enter how much money is in your account and lets you see how many pips per day you need or how many lots to trade to reach your financial goals. This program lets you set financial goals and lets you know exactly what you need to accomplish each day to reach them.

We at LeverageFX have noticed an incredible improvement in our traders performance once they set goals. Having trading goals helps keep traders disciplined to have the patience to wait for the very best, low risk, high probability trades and it helps them stay focused on keeping their losses low. For instance if your goal is 10 pips per day and you are up 8 pips after your first trade, you are going to be careful not to lose that profit and you only need 2 more pips to hit today's goal. On good days many traders make 10 to 50 pips and this helps them offset losing days, keeping them on TARGET to reach and exceed their goals. **

Our advice, Set a goal, Write it down, and Stay Disciplined and focus on achieving it! This keeps you on track and gives you confidence. (Time: 5:37)

Lesson 4: Trend Color: THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND! This lesson discusses how to use a wonderful enhancement of some of the most famous indicators traders use (Stochastics, ADX Trend, MACD, and Forex Cumulative Tick). To save space on your charts you can have a tiny window that shows whether these indicators are pointing up or down  (Time: 2:58)

Lesson 5: Visual Backtesting: This amazing lesson shows you how you can visually test and enhance any of our indicators. For example, suppose you wish to find the best settings for the Bollinger Bands or Keltner Channels. With this major improvement you  (Time: 6:55)/font>

Lesson 6: Using the Balance Point Line: This lesson discusses how to use the balance point line, the price where most traders have positions. It is the most powerful and accurate support & resistance levels. Human behavior is often very predictable. (Time: 10:34)

Lesson 7a: Using Bank Buying and Selling to Predict Market Direction: This lesson discusses how to use our unique Buy/Sell Pressure (Shows bank buying and selling) and Forex Cumulative Tick (Cumulative Bank Buying and Selling) tools to find low risk buying and selling areas. These
                                              tools also show you when to trade with the trend and when trend is slowing. (Time: 21:40)

* FREE eSignal Data is available to LeverageFX customers at FXDD and FXCM with the following restrictions. You must trade $1 million of currency in and out per month. This is equivalent to 10 regular lots ($100k) or 100 mini ($10k) trades. If you do not do the minimum you will be charged for the eSignal which is currently $100 for that month. eSignal also has a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and we recommend new traders who wish to test TopGun before trading live, getting their own eSignal data feed initially to get familiar with TopGun and our trading methods before real money is risked! We will happily update you in our database when you switch to live trading.

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(RTTNews) - Poland's retail sales at current prices climbed 2.1% year-on-year in October, slower than a 2.5% rise in the previous month, the Central Statistical Office said Wednes...

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 TheLFB Nov 25 09 European Pre-Market Preview
11/24/09 10:07 PM - Global Forex Trader Portal 5400 Pips And Still Rising. New Options Service

Daily Forex News

Dollar Falls Against Yen as U.S. Reports Show Slower Growth

Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) -- The dollar weakened to the lowest level versus the yen in a month after reports showed the U.S. economy expanded at a slower pace in the third quarter than initially estimated and home prices dropped from a year earlier.

Japan’s currency gained against all 16 major counterparts and is set to post its first monthly increase versus the greenback since September. The Federal Reserve is scheduled to release at 2 p.m. today the minutes from the Nov. 4 policy meeting where it lowered the amount of agency debt it plans to purchase by March.

“Any negative data could cause people to shirk the risk- seeking trades,” said Brian Kim, a currency strategist at UBS AG in Stamford, Connecticut. “The minutes are going to be one of the larger focuses.”

The dollar fell 0.5 percent to 88.57 yen at 12 p.m. in New York from 88.97 yesterday, after touching 88.36, the lowest level since Oct. 9. The euro declined 0.2 percent to $1.4938 and slumped 0.6 percent to 132.32 yen.

The euro swung to a loss versus the dollar after a U.S. consumer confidence report showed an unexpected increase in November. The New York-based Conference Board’s index advanced to 49.5 from 48.7 in October and beat economist predictions for a decline to 47.3.

The pound fell against the euro on speculation the U.K. central bank will extend its asset purchase program after Bank of England Governor Mervyn King said the U.K. economy faces “profound challenges.” Sterling fell as much as 0.5 percent to 90.57 pence per euro from 90.10 pence yesterday.

Mexican Peso

Japan’s yen gained against higher-yielding counterparts including the Mexican peso and South African rand as share prices globally slumped. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 0.3 percent and the MSCI World Index of shares slid 0.6 percent. Benchmark rates of 4.5 percent in Mexico and 7 percent in South Africa exceed Japan’s 0.1 percent overnight lending rate.

The yen was the only major currency to rise against Mexico’s peso today after Pacific Investment Management Co. said the Latin American currency is one of the cheapest in emerging markets and may rise as much as 20 percent over the next year. Fitch Ratings cut Mexico’s foreign debt rating yesterday by one level to BBB.

The peso advanced 0.5 percent to 7.4749 per Brazilian real and 1.2 percent to 9.3802 versus the New Zealand dollar. It declined 0.3 percent to 6.846 yen.

“The peso is one of the cheapest currencies in emerging markets,” said Guillermo Osses, who helps oversee about $50 billion in emerging-market assets at Pimco, manager of the world’s biggest bond fund. “External accounts will improve.”

Osses predicts the peso will advance between 10 percent to 20 percent in one to two years as the U.S. economy recovers. He also said Pimco may add to its holdings of Mexican assets.

U.S. Growth

The U.S. government’s revised figures for third-quarter gross domestic product showed the world’s largest economy expanded at a 2.8 percent annual rate, slower than the Commerce Department’s 3.5 percent estimate last month.

“In the current environment a weak U.S. gross domestic product number weighs on sentiment,” said Antje Praefcke, a currency analyst at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt. “Traders are a little more sensitive to sentiment changes because they want to get out of positions ahead of the long U.S. weekend.”

The Fed said on Nov. 4 that it plans to reduce its purchases of agency debt to $175 billion from the previous $200 billion. Fed Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said on Nov. 22 that the central bank should maintain the purchase program to give policy makers “the option to react” to future events beyond March.

“It’s going to be interesting to see if there are more ‘Bullardish’ comments” in the Fed’s minutes, said Kim of UBS.

Fed on Hold

The U.S. central bank will probably have to keep rates close to zero until 2011, encouraging investors to send funds abroad to earn higher returns, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co. The dollar will weaken to $1.62 per euro in the second quarter next year, currency strategists led by John Normand in London wrote in the investment bank’s Global FX Outlook 2010.

“Fed policy is a key driver because it determines the dollar’s attractiveness as a funding currency,” Normand said in an interview. Normand said in an interview. “The dollar’s decline is more than a carry trade. Global investors’ preference for non-U.S. equities, rising merger and acquisition outflows from the U.S. and central-bank reserve diversification are compounding the dollar’s decline.”

In carry trades, investors borrow in one currency to invest in others that offer higher yields. Increasing price swings in foreign-exchange markets increase the risk of losses on such strategies by boosting the odds that the funding currency strengthens and makes it more expensive to repay the loan.

The S&P/Case-Shiller home-price index increased 0.27 percent from the prior month, after a 1.13 percent rise in August, the group said. The gauge fell 9.36 percent from September 2008, more than forecast, yet the smallest year-over- year decline since the end of 2007.

Today's Forex News Headlines

Today's traders must keep informed of world events which impact the Foreign Currency Market moment by moment. We have compiled the following continuously-updating worldwide list of Forex Headline News.

A very convenient way to jump directly to this page on a regular basis is from our Gift Screensaver (left menu). With inspiring quotes illustrated by beautiful nature photos, this quality screensaver provides a one-keystroke method for traders to stay up-to-the-minute with all Forex News (Hitting the F1 Key brings you instantly back to this news page, anytime the screensaver is on your screen -- which is not when you are in a trade hopefully).

Forex markets news

Sponsored Link Wed Nov 25 11:18:00 UTC+0400 2009

RPT-PRECIOUS-Gold hits record on dollar, India buying talk...
Reuters Wed Nov 25 11:18:00 UTC+0400 2009

Dollar Tree reports improved earnings...
AXcess News Wed Nov 25 11:16:00 UTC+0400 2009

Dollar buoyed by RBA comments...
The Age Wed Nov 25 11:11:00 UTC+0400 2009
British Pound Takes Center Stage Ahead of Revised Q3 GDP Results...
Daily FX Wed Nov 25 11:10:00 UTC+0400 2009
Gold Hits Another Record; Dollar Slips... Wed Nov 25 11:09:00 UTC+0400 2009
JGB futures hit 7-week high, eyes on equities, yen...
Sharenet Wed Nov 25 11:03:00 UTC+0400 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forex Chart - Currencies Performance Comparison

Currencies Performance Charts

Forex Chart - Currencies Performance Comparison

Before choosing which currency pair to trade, it's important to know which one is strong and which is weak, i.e. which currency performs best. The following currencies performance comparison charts shows you currencies performance in 1 year, 3 months and intraday time frame. Just click on the link and you'll get the currencies comparison chart below. For performance comparsion purpose, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD are inverted to JPY/USD, CHF/USD, CAD/USD in the currencies performance comparison chart.

Dollar Majors    1 Year   3 Months   1 Day
Dollar Minors    1 Year   3 Months   1 Day
Euro Crosses   1 Year   3 Months
JPY Crosses     1 Year   3 Months

Monday, November 23, 2009

Forex Trading, Currency Forecast, FX Trading Signal, Forex ...

Action Insight                                                                                                         

Mid-Day Report: Dollar Pressured, Yen Follows on Risk Appetite
Nov 23 14:32 GMT, by

Dollar is still under much pressure as Gold surges to as high as 1167.8 today and remains firm. Yen also follows dollar lower as European equities are lifted by solid PMI figures. Further pressure is seen in both dollar and yen as US stocks open sharply higher. Commodity currencies reverse last week's losses and rebound on improvement in risk appetite while Sterling is also lifted by strength in U...

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Special Reports

Nov 19 08:56 GMT, by

An uneventful meeting expected! The BOJ should continue to keep its policy rate at 0.1% and stated ‘the Bank will maintain the extremely accommodative...
Chasm Found between BOE Members Regarding QE Extension
Nov 18 11:19 GMT, by
The BOE minutes for November's meeting indicated that although the MPC members voted unanimously to keep the policy rate at 0.5%, there were 3 differe...
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Fundamental Analysis                                                                                      
                            Daily and Weekly Fundamental Reports

The BOJ: The Japanese Economy Is 'Picking Up'
Nov 24 07:19 GMT, by

The Bank of Japan released its monthly report for recent economic and financial developments today. The bank raised its assessment for economic conditions saying that the economy is picking up due to...

Today's Key Points
Nov 24 06:58 GMT, by Danske Bank

In the morning focus will be on the German Ifo survey for November and Euroland new industrial orders for September. Ifo is likely to arrive near consensus, with the expectations index roughly flat an...

Asia Session Recap
Nov 24 06:50 GMT, by

Even with Japan back in action after a long three day weekend USD/JPY failed to make any waves today, once again stuck in a stagnant range of about 25 pips. However, the yen crosses were all subjected...

Asian Market Update
Nov 24 06:49 GMT, by Trade The News

In currencies, USD strengthened against European and commodity majors on risk aversion in Asian bourses ahead of the first revision of the Q3 GDP report in the US. EUR/USD retreated from 1.50 for the...

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Technical Analysis                                                                                              
                       Daily and Weekly Technical Reports

FX Technical Analysis
Nov 24 07:31 GMT, by Mizuho Corporate Bank

EURUSD Comment: Still well bid and not overbought, though bullish momentum is low. It looks as though we are setting up for a re-test this year's high at 1.5064. Rising trendline and the Ichimoku 'clo...

Daily Technical Outlook
Nov 24 07:14 GMT, by Innerfx

Range-bound trading below the 1.5000 handle, supported by 1.4850 bottom, continues – the euro facing a strong resistance into the 1.5000 region once again, on yesterday. Intra-day sentiment is bearish...

GBPUSD - Reverse Higher, Targets The 1.6674 Level
Nov 24 06:25 GMT, by FXTechstrategy

The pair is starting off the week reversing off its intra day low at 6471 level in early trading today. We will want to see further recovery higher beyond the 1.6674 level, its Nov 20'09 high on a dai...

EURUSD - Higher Recovery Aims At The 1.5014 Level
Nov 24 06:23 GMT, by FXTechstrategy

Rising from its past week losses, EUR was seen rallying strongly today reversing all most of its last week losses and clearing the way for further upside towards the 1.5014 level, its Nov 16'09 high....

Forex and Dow Jones Recommended Levels
Nov 24 06:15 GMT, by FXtechtrade

EUR/USD Today's support: - 1.4888, 1.4870, 1.4852 and 1.4826(main), where correction is possible. Break would give 1.4813, where correction also may be. Then follows 1.4786. Break of the latter would...

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Forex analysis : Daily forex news

Daily Analysis

Dollar Tumbles After Big Day on Wall Street
Tuesday, 24 Nov 2009 06:16:21 GMT

The Dollar decreased dramatically on Monday after a big day on Wall Street led to increased risk taking behavior among investors. An increase in equity and the price of commodities, as well as positive news on existing U.S. home sales had a dramatic effect on trading. Investors dumped their dollars in favor of high yielding currencies such as the EUR, which made impressive gains.

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New York Close Forex Update

Gold Surges to Record Highs
Monday, 23 Nov 2009 21:32:44 GMT
The EUR and other higher yielding currencies maintained their gains during Monday's trading as global stocks, Oil and Gold rallied. Demand for the greenback was hurt by earlier comments from a Federal Reserve official. In an interview Sunday, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard said he would prefer the central bank to extend its purchases of mortgage-backed securities beyond March to give policy makers more flexibility in directing the economy toward recovery. The statement added to concern the market is being flooded with greenbacks, putting pressure on the currency.

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Afternoon Forex Update

Gold Soars as the Dollar Weakens
Monday, 23 Nov 2009 12:01:55 GMT

The dollar weakened against most of its major currency counterparts during the morning trading session. The Dollar is currently trading lower against the GBP by nearly 100 pips at 1.6620. It is also trading lower against the EUR and CHF, as investors remain wary of making big bets in favor of the Dollar these days.

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